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Henriquez Partners is working with the Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School (KGMS), as they expand their alternative high school program. KGMS is a school for students with learning needs and preferences not typically addressed by a traditional school setting. The alternative secondary school level merges academics, social interaction, work experience, personal advocacy and life skills in an environment that allows for flexibility and promotes a unique learning experience for every student.

In addition to helping expand the required infrastructure to accommodate the growing high school, Henriquez Partners has initiated a large-scale mural project with a local artist to add a colourful and engaging element to the new space. Chairman Ting, an award-winning Vancouver design studio, sparked our interest when the studio’s founder, Carson Ting, spoke at last month’s Creative Mornings event on the topic “Rebel”. Our vision to create a work of art that excites and inspires the new high school students at Maplewood Alternative High School is captured perfectly by Carson’s youthful illustrations and signature graffiti style.

After a site visit to the school, and some creative brainstorming, Chairman Ting’s mural design is now in production and scheduled to be installed on the North Shore campus next month. Click the Gallery link above for some great process shots!

UPDATE, JULY 25th, 2014:
The mural is done! Watch the video below to see Chairman Ting in action and the completed piece installed at Maplewood Alternative High School.

[Top Image: Chairman Ting]

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