Batman: Death by Design

In midtown Gotham a construction crane collapses, narrowly missing Bruce Wayne during his public address to announce the demolition of the city’s Grand Central Station to make way for a new ultra-modern replacement. So begins the Caped Crusader’s first ‘architectural’ adventure, involving a corrupt union boss, an egocentric architect, a beautiful heroine, and a new villain—part-vigilante, part-architectural critic.

This latest storyline was the vision of writer, graphic designer, and lifelong Bat-fan, Chip Kidd. When DC Comics offered him his dream project he approached it from a totally personal perspective—marrying his passion for design with his love of comic books—Batman: Death by Design was born.

Read more of “Architects and Architecture in Batman: Death by Design” by Patrick Myles at Blueprint magazine.

[Top Image: Illustration from Batman: Death by Design by Dave Taylor]

July 13, 2012 | No Comments (yet!)

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