Bold Ideas Toward An Affordable City

The Mayor’s Task Force on Affordable Housing released its final report this week. The recommended actions—which are targeted to residents with an annual income of $21,500 annual for an individual, up to a combined annual household income of $86,500—will be voted on at next week’s City Council meeting.

The priority actions outlined in the report include:

  • Developing an operational model and business plan for a City Housing authority;
  • Initiating “Thin Street” pilot projects through the three Community Plans underway;
  • Enabling duplexes, row houses, and stacked townhouses to be built within 1.5 blocks of an arterial street.

“The Task Force’s report outlines a set of bold and pragmatic actions to confront our city’s lack of affordability. I’m hopeful that Council will support it unanimously,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson in a press release. “There is no magic solution that will solve Vancouver’s housing affordability challenge, but the Task Force’s recommendations provide a clear framework for progress,” he continued. “Making Vancouver a more affordable city is crucial for our economy, our livability, and for future generations. City Hall needs to take action and now is the time to do it.”

The task force, co-chaired by Mayor Robertson and Olga Ilich, includes real estate experts, academic leaders, home builders, elected officials, and not-for-profit housing managers from across Vancouver and the region.

September 28, 2012 | No Comments (yet!)

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