‘Boring’ Vancouver Skyline May Take Dramatic Turn


Vancouver continues to hold the reputation of a ho-hum city for architecture. The National Post recently featured an article highlighting Vancouver on the cusp of a turning point. With recently proposed local and international architectural designs, it appears the city may be breaking away from the glass-walled towers covering the Vancouver skyline.

A handful of innovative new buildings have been proposed for Downtown Vancouver including a Henriquez Partners 26-storey tower on 1575 West Georgia Street. The Japanese origami style design was inspired by wings of seaplanes and hang gliders’ kites.

While some may say Vancouver is lacking in “wow” buildings, Gregory Henriquez points out, “the focus can’t be solely on creating a spectacle. Vancouver mustn’t lose sight of how a building relates to the surrounding community”.

Read the full National Post article here.


Original article written by Douglas Quan | National Post, September 15, 2015.

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