Can You (Re)Imagine?

The repurposing of institutional or industrial buildings is becoming more common as our understanding of sustainable development stresses the importance of re-use. In Vancouver, the vacant and defunct portions of the city’s old Pretrial Services Centre at 211 Gore are being redesigned and repurposed by Henriquez Partners, to be much needed social housing for the area. Jail cells are being demolished and replaced with airy units and the inmate’s gymnasium will become a common area lounge.

Architects are also looking to unlikely places like 1950’s crane gantries sitting above rivers to house stylish office new buildings, as well as decommissioned oil rigs and naval bases in the middle of the ocean repurposed to build luxury hotels. A salt mine in Romania has been converted into one of the world’s largest, subterranean history museums and in big cities across North America, parking garages are being turned into office and apartment buildings.

Reusing structures and materials is an important and necessary shift towards lasting sustainability. What’s the best example of re-imagined space in your neighbourhood?

[Top Image: © nexttriptourism]

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