Cities Share Climate Data

“With ever-accumulating data on anthropogenic climate change comes a focus on cities and the processes they drive across the globe. The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) now has a program on cities, acting as a voluntary climate change reporting platform for city governments. So far the CDP has gathered and presented data from 73 cities worldwide… While revealing only slight variation between cities, the impacts of wealth, population, and density on emissions are evident, opening the door for dialogue on urban inequality and environmental quality.

Because the data is not demanded, but voluntarily submitted, a proactive tone is set for cities to compare ideas on mitigation and adaption to climate change. Importantly, city mayors have demonstrated a will to recognize problems, prompting the World Bank to provide a way forward with access to funding for projects to temper the effects of climate change.”

Read more of “Cities Collaborate to Share Climate Data” by Andrew Wade at polis.

[Top Image: Carbon Disclosure Project]

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