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Jim Green is a Dreamer and a Doer

Some words about Jim Green, the best mayor Vancouver never had, who is in tough with the dreaded big C.

Mr. Green has always dreamed big for this city. And, unlike soap-box visionaries, he’s had the drive, smarts, and clout to turn his ideas into reality. He lives in the real world, where the point is to make society better by getting things done.

He’s that rarity of dreamer—a doer.

Scratch almost any worthy initiative on the Downtown Eastside, and you’ll find Jim Green was there at the beginning.

The long list includes: more than a thousand units of social housing, BladeRunners, United We Can, the University of B.C.’s pioneering program to bring university courses to residents of the DTES, the Portland Hotel Society, and of course, most recently, the salvation and dramatic transformation of the old Woodward’s Building into an urban marvel.

Continue reading “Jim Green is a Dreamer and a Doer” by Rod Mickleburgh at the Globe and Mail.

[Top Image: John Lehman, the Globe and Mail]

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