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60 W. Cordova Turns Renters Into Owners

The 60 W. Cordova project, so named for its street address, is now complete, and home to people who have either lived, volunteered, or worked in the city’s Downtown Eastside.

The project, a collaborative effort between Westbank Projects Corp. and Vancity [with Henriquez Partners Architects, PHS Community Services, and Habitat for Humanity], was designed to make home ownership a possibility for those who may not have previously imagined it—in other words, to turn renters into owners.

Several mechanisms were put in place in order to put the homes within reach of people with a Downtown Eastside connection. Marketing was low-key, for instance, finishes are more modest than what might be seen in more upscale projects, and parking was kept to a minimum. [...]

The artwork on the front of 60 W. Cordova was designed to reflect the collaboration behind the project, architect Gregory Henriquez said when the undertaking was launched.

“[The] silkscreen silhouettes of people standing on each other’s shoulders, holding up the building, is a metaphor for rising higher,” he said.

May 15, 2012 | No Comments (yet!)

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