Breaking the Digital Divide

W2 Media Café Provides Access to Technology in the DTES

The W2 Media Café—a cultural hub where digital art, culture, food, and social inclusion intersect—is officially open. Located in a 10,000 square-foot-space in the Woodward’s Atrium, W2 Media Café is an artist-run, globally networked media arts lab, community meeting space, and social enterprise café serving artists and residents of the Downtown Eastside and Vancouver.

The café serves as an entry point to the W2 Media Arts Centre, which has a mandate is to break the digital divide through access to technology and training while promoting social inclusion and encouraging cross-cultural dialogue. Visitors to the café have access to free wifi and computers; media artists-in-residence; radio and TV broadcasting facilities; a Woodward’s heritage letterpress; office space; training and workshops in digital tools, technology, crossmedia, mobile, open web, social media, and citizen journalism; and more.

For more information about W2 Media Café, visit W2 Community Media Arts.

Read W2 Media Cafe is Now Officially Open by Jessica Werb in the Georgia Straight.

[Top Image: Mural, Creative Technology. Photo, Kris Krug]

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