Evolving Culture in 3-D

Grounds for Standing and Understanding

Grounds for Standing and Understanding by Babak Golkar renders the evolving representation of a culture into three dimensions by translating the patterns of Persian carpets into futuristic-looking architectural models.

The installation has miniature 3-D mega-towers growing out of the intricate designs of historical carpets. As Persian rugs are traditionally woven and designed according to their place of origin, Golkar’s architectural models bring this symbolic representation of space into being. The scalar and dimensional shifts speak to the relationship between perception, space, architecture, and culture.

Grounds for Standing and Understanding by Babak Golkar is at the Charles H. Scott Gallery at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design until February 26, 2012.

[Top Image: Babak Golkar, Negotiating Space, 2012. Dimensions variable, Persian carpet, wood, acrylic, paint.]

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