Long-Term Affordability

Housing Task Force Releases Recommendations

Mayor Gregor Robertson’s Task Force on Housing Affordability released its first set of recommendations this week, identifying expediting affordable housing applications, leveraging city land, and developing inclusionary zoning that supports rental housing in the Cambia Corridor as key to bringing about long-term affordability.

“The Task Force’s Quick Start recommendations will bring clarity and momentum to the City’s overall affordability strategy,” said Mayor Robertson. “These are initial steps that City staff can take while the comprehensive report from the Task Force is developed over the next few months.

The Task Force’s Quick Start Report addresses low to middle income households, ranging from an individual income of $21,500 to a combined household income of $86,500. This covers low-income singles, couples struggling to buy their first home, and seniors looking to downsize without leaving their neighbourhoods.

“Our work to address affordability is targeted toward a broad range of citizens who feel the impacts of high housing prices every day,” said Task Force co-chair Olga Ilich. “There is no magic solution to housing affordability in Vancouver, but these initial recommendations will put the City on a clearer path to meeting its affordable housing goals.”

A public process for citizens to provide ideas and feedback on housing affordability in Vancouver will begin in the next few weeks. The Task Force’s interim report will be released at the end of June 2012.

[Top Image: Vancouver is the world’s second-least affordable major city to buy a house, according to the Eighth Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey, an annual survey of global housing markets that covers 325 metropolitan markets around the world. It measures the markets using the “median multiple”: the median house price divided by gross annual median household income.]

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