Moms and Mentors

A new common sense initiative called Mom-2-Mom sees single moms struggling to make ends meet paired up with mentor moms who can offer practical and emotional support. It was started by Dr. Barbara Fitzgerald, assistant dean at the UBC Faculty of Medicine, and is quickly making a real difference in the lives of families in the DTES.

“When I first started, I thought, at the very least, I’m going to feel a little bit better about the work I’m doing,” she [Fitzgerald] says. “Maybe we’ll be able to change the outcome for a child or two. I really did not think we’d be able to do much to help the moms.” Some of the women went through 20 or 30 foster homes as children. Some say their M2M mentor is the first person who’s not paid to be truly kind to them. “I wasn’t thinking something as simple as this was going to make a difference,” she says. “I was completely wrong.”

Read “Moms and Mentors in the DTES” by Lynne Melcombe at OpenFile Vancouver.

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