Rising Global Happiness

People Happier Today Than in 2007

Even as natural disasters, financial woes, and a host of other problems seem to be ramping up, global citizens report that their happiness is on the rise. In fact, of the 18,687 people in 24 countries polled by Ipsos in November 2011, 77% said they are generally “happy” while 22% report being “very happy.” This state of intense happiness is up two points from April 2007, when only 20% of respondents felt “very happy.”

Canadians show one of the biggest jumps in being “very happy,” alongside Turkey, Mexico, Japan, and India. In totally unsurprising news, people with higher educations and higher incomes clocked in as among the happiest.

While it’s perennially difficult to measure such a subjective emotion, and even more difficult to determine the factors that make people happy, it’s uplifting to think that people the world over may be just a little bit happier than they were four years ago.

[Top Image: Flickr user Nick Irvine-Fortescue]

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