Do You Make Time to Stop & Smell the Roses?

At times the pace of technology, and the pace at which it changes our world can be dizzying; we take for granted or miss the short lived graduations of change we observe on a daily basis. But artists, writers and organizations are using interactive website technology to challenge us to pause and reflect on what has changed around us, draw connections between these changes, raise awareness, and to share these observations with others.

One such project is Hyperlocal, produced in partnership by The CBC Books – Canada Writes and the NFB. It is a curated collection of interactive stories told through video, photography and sound, about local neighbourhood change. Collected from well known Canadian writers, bloggers and a call for public submissions, it provides a national platform for Canadians to put their stories of change on the map. These micro stories help us to personalize and make sense of patterns of transformation that may be sweeping the country, and unites us in the one experience that is constant and common to us all — change.

The What is Missing? Foundation has a similar mandate in mind. A memorial project started by architect, artist, and environmental advocate, Maya Lin, the What is Missing? project asks people from across the world to share, on an interactive map, stories of species whose endangerment or extinction they’ve experienced. This method of chronicling the growing rate of the loss of biodiversity on the planet raises environmental awareness in a unique way. It reminds us that our everyday lives are intricately tied to, and often dependent, on the plants and animals we share our planet with.

From the local to the global, these projects harness the power of the information age to empower us to make the historical record represent the world we experience, so we can raise awareness and advocate for change regardings issues that are affecting our collective futures. What is your story of change that you want to share with the world?

[Top Image: Viraj Kulkarni]

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