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Concord Free Press Gives Their Books Away

“Free their books and their minds will follow,” that’s the motto of small publishing house Concord Free Press and it’s exactly what they do: give books away for free. They call it “generosity-based publishing,” it’s a simple arrangement that’s about as far from the corporate business model as it’s possible to get.

Concord publishes two books a year and gives them away through independent bookstores and their website—even shipping is free. They only ask that readers make a charitable donation, let Concord know about their donation, and then pass the book on to someone else who also makes a donation. The amount and recipient of the donation is totally up to the reader. Some people report giving a few dollars to a needy person in their community, while others donate hundreds of dollars to established charities. So far, Concord readers have reported over $228,000 in charitable donations.

The nonprofit foundation has published five paperbacks to date, including Rut by Scott Phillips, The Next Queen of Heaven by Gregory, and Give+Take by Concord Press Founder Stona Fitch. The authors don’t make any money or earn any royalties when their books are published by Concord, but they do retain the rights so they can go on to sell their books to more conventional publishers.

Visit Concord Free Press.

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