Harmonic Healing


Music’s power over emotions has long been recognized. New studies are emerging however that indicate music not only helps us feel, but also heal.

McGill University neuroscientists and psychologists recently published a review of over 400 scientific papers that have documented the effect of music on the brain chemistry associated with mental and physical health. Their review suggests that, in some cases, music is more effective in treating stress and anxiety than prescription drugs and can also boost immunity.

Examples of its use in the field of medicine are becoming abundant. Some doctors have begun using music therapy to calm newborn babies who are separated from their mothers. A new documentary called Alive Inside, follows a social worker and a neuroscientist as they prove that music can positively affect elderly people who suffer from degenerative diseases. In a short clip from the film, an elderly man who barely speaks comes alive as he is played music from his youth.

Do you believe in the power of music to heal?

July 10, 2013 | No Comments (yet!)

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