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The Year of the Bike

Science has verified something that may appear obvious at first glance: The direct connection between the presence of bike lanes and the number of bike commuters. The more infrastructure exists to encourage biking, the more people bike—and the more society reaps the public health, energy, and lifestyle benefits that come with an increasing share of people-powered transportation.

Continue reading “If You Build Bike Lanes, They Will Ride” by Tim Fernholz at GOOD.

You can celebrate all things bicycle in the Woodward’s Atrium (111 West Hastings) on Saturday, April 28 with the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition‘s kick-off party for the Year of the Bike. The organization—which aims to make biking the preferred form of transport in the city by 2030—is hosting a bike rodeo, face painting, mechanics, unicycles, and bike decorating from 1 pm–4 pm. A cocktail reception, with a photobooth sponsored by Momentum magazine, starts at 5 pm.

[Top Image: Flickr user Paul Krueger]

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