Edible Bus Stop

Until last spring, the number 322 bus route in Lambeth, South London was just another channel through the city. Now, thanks to the Edible Bus Stop, the route is home to a growing network of urban gardens that project founders say have the capacity to galvanize the community.

The Edible Bus Stop began as a guerilla gardening project when a small parcel of land adjacent to a stop on the number 322 route went on the market. Rather than see it sold, founder Mark Gilchrest got his neighbours together and spearheaded an initiative to fill the space with edible plants. There are now two edible stops along the bus route, with more in the works. The ultimate goal is to build a large network of community gardens across the city, converting neglected spaces into thriving neighbourhood resources.

“We want to show that when you transform a grey unloved public space, you not only grow a garden, but a community too, and to plant the idea in people’s minds that individuals can take responsibility for improving the built environment in the public realm,” Gilchrest told the Guardian.

Click Play Video for more information about the project.

(via Grist)

[Top Image: Care of The Edible Bus Stop]

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