VIVA Vancouver Submission Deadline: Feb 4

“Architecture more than any other art form is a social art, and for those of us who design and build, we must do so with an awareness of a more socially and physically responsive architecture. The architect’s primary emotional connection should always be with place, and not just the superficial qualities of place, but the ethical responsibility of shaping the environment, of breaking up social complacency and energizing one’s community.”

—Samuel Mockbee, Rural Studio

The essence of Samuel Mockbee’s citizen-based approach to design is really captured in a series of public interventions hosted by VIVA Vancouver, a City program dedicated to transforming streets into lively public places. The Hot Tub Parklet that popped up on East 44th Avenue last summer, for example, saw two parking spots converted into pedestrian seating and fostered a real sense of community in the South Hill neighbourhood. Pop Rocks provided a place for sitting and socializing on Robson Street.

VIVA Vancouver is currently looking for ways to activate the Granville corridor this summer. If you have an idea for helping them transform the street into a lively, pedestrian-oriented place, submit your proposal by Monday, February 4. Click here for more information.


[Top Image: Pop Rocks by the Vancouver Public Space Network]

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