Engaged City Task Force

On the heels of SFU’s first community summit Alone Together: Connecting in the City and a recent Vancouver Foundation study revealing that people are retreating from community life, the City announced plans to create an Engaged City Mayor’s Task Force.

Councillor Andrea Reimer will introduce a motion to create the task force at the next City Council meeting. Key goals will be to boost neighbor engagement and cultural interconnectedness and to improve communication channels and connections between the City and residents.

Councillor Reimer said in a press release: “We’ve seen from both the Vancouver Foundation’s research on social isolation and the success of last week’s SFU Community Summit that there is a big appetite for people to be better connected, whether it’s on an individual level with their neighbours or how they engage with City Hall. Vancouver is a city that leads the world in many ways, and we can do more when it comes to building a more engaged city.”

The City will choose task force members via an open call for applications. Its aim is to have the task force assembled and working by December with its final recommendations submitted by June of 2013.

(via State of Vancouver)

[Top Image: VIVA Vancouver's Hot Tubs Parklet installation in South Hill. Photo courtesy of Paul Krueger]

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