Fashion-Forward Technology

As it’s October 31st, a day synonymous in North America with creative dressing, it seemed fitting to look at wearable innovations. This year, the makers of wearable technology have turned their sights on the fashion crowd, debuting the newest crop of high tech items at this fall’s New York Fashion week.

Opening Ceremony and Intel debuted their creation, MICA (for My Intelligent Communication Accessory), a luxury-meets-wearable-tech bracelet with a curved, 1.6 inch sapphire touch-screen and built-in wireless radio encased in snakeskin and semi-precious stones.

Jewelry and handbag designer, Rebecca Minkoff, collaborated with Case-Mate on a whole new line of tech-jewelry, including a gold link chain bracelet that pairs with your smartphone. It vibrates and blinks alerting you of texts and phone calls, and even serves as a back up battery source.

Beyond accessories, garment technologies are yet another interesting facet of wearable technology. This year, Ralph Lauren launched his “smart” t-shirts, which monitor heart rate, breathing, and steps taken, thanks to conductive silver-coated thread. In London, Richard Nicholl’s glowing LED dress eschews function entirely, and simply demonstrates how technology can heighten aesthetics.

Technology is becoming part of the fabric of fashion—are you ready for this brave new, fashionable world?

[Top Image: LED Dress by Hussein Chalayan]

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