Woodward’s Feast Brings Turkey Dinner to DTES

The atrium of Vancouver’s Woodward’s building was transformed Sunday evening into a restaurant complete with live smooth jazz as 1,000 residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside took part in a complimentary “second Thanksgiving.”

More than 300 volunteers served turkey dinner and pumpkin pie donated by Nester’s Market, which has a street-level store in the building.

Other food was donated by the retail outlets in the complex such as JJ Bean, London Drugs and SFU; prepared by Charles Bar and the Fairmont Pacific Rim and served by volunteers.

Mary-Ann Azak decided to come from North Vancouver to partake in the feast after learning about it from a friend she saw on the bus. Azak is a former DTES resident who is still an active member of the community.

“This is so beautiful, they have music, they give you coffee, sugar and cream,” Azak said.

“I love it because I was sort of homeless for a while, I lived in a hotel room,” the 54-year-old said. “All my kids are gone and graduated, so I’m all by my lonesome.”

Continue reading “Feast at Woodward’s Brings Turkey Dinner to DTES” by Mike Hager at the Vancouver Sun.

[Top Image: May So]

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