F/Light Reading

It is a singular experience to be held captive in a seat for hours upon hours, thousands of miles in the air. And yet, the time we spend on planes is mostly spent trying unsuccessfully to sleep, binge watching Hollywood movies, or fiddling with tablets.

Could we be doing something more with this time? There are a few in the world of airline entertainment that think so. One very creative airline initiative has commissioned authors from its home country to write stories that are written to last only as long as the duration of the flight, based on the average speed of reading. Called, “Stories for Every Journey”, the project gives people an opportunity to indulge in pleasure of getting lost in a story and completing it—an indulgence that so few of us have time for.

It’s an innovative idea that encourages people to read rather than skim and challenges us to use our time in the air to engage our imaginations. What story will you choose to get lost in, the next time you fly?

June 25, 2013 | No Comments (yet!)

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