Casting Craft: Bocci’s 19.0 Series and the Art of Making

The copper bowls of Bocci’s 19.0 series are not only incredibly elegant, they exist at the intersection of design, craft, and production. The Vancouver-based design house manufactures the pieces in East Vancouver at the oldest foundry on the West Coast using a traditional sand casting technique. This fabrication process determines each bowl’s patented form.

In sand casting, a shape is pressed into sand to create a void that is then filled with metal. The metal that escapes beyond the fringes of the mold is called “overspill,” and is typically cleaned up after production. In the case of the 19.0 series, it is kept and incorporated into the pieces, giving each bowl an elaborate texture and unique shape.

Click Play Video to see a video about the process with Bocci’s Creative Director, Omer Arbel.

[Video: YouTube]

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