Gregory Henriquez to Lecture at the National Gallery of Canada

Gregory Henriquez has expanded the role of architect to civic activist, pioneering innovative development solutions that achieve social justice goals while delivering buildings that are culturally, financially and environmentally successful. This March during the Forum Lecture Series at Carleton University, Gregory will be speaking about his new book, Citizen City.

The key to Gregory’s ‘Citizen City’ model has been nurturing cross-sector partnerships among private developers, nonprofits and various levels of government, and harnessing a portion of the wealth created in the real estate development process to achieve socially valuable urban planning priorities such as affordable housing and amenities that foster healthy, vibrant communities. During his presentation, Gregory will share case studies of several Vancouver building projects, discussing the successes and failures of these cross sector partnerships. It is hoped that the lessons drawn from these projects will aid the creation of more vibrant, just, community-oriented cities. Gregory will also touch on the role of the design community as thought leaders and relationship builders, challenging the architecture community towards greater civic engagement.

The Forum Lecture Series was established in 1968 to bring local, national and international architects to Ottawa, to educate students, faculty and the general public about the profession and the impact that architecture has on design. Unique in Ottawa the annual lectures take place at the National Gallery and in the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism.

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