Holding Court at Woodward’s

Public spaces are the heart of the Woodward’s Redevelopment. In “Holding Court at Woodward’s” in the Vancouver Courier,  Zoe Li captures how the basketball court in the public atrium has become a vibrant part of the complex, the neighbourhood, and the city as a whole.

“Various theatre, music, and cultural festivals have been held in there, as well as a number of political rallies and advocacy-based events. In the evenings, the court attracts basketball players, martial artists, and break dancers who meet regularly to practice and perform. People come to the court for so many different reasons that they do not readily appear as a defined group. Their interests are so diverse that often the only thing they have in common is their destination.”

Li describes how the court has become a hub for people all over the city—whether it’s as a rallying spot for Occupy Vancouver’s first general meeting, a weekly meeting place for a Brazilian capoeira club, or the site of an urban farmer’s market.

“It is no surprise that people from outside the neighbourhood come here, but what can be surprising is what some do when they arrive. An activist, a martial artist, and a chef, each person comes to the court for a different purpose. I have lived at Woodward’s for three years, and it does not matter to me which neighbourhood people come from. I am curious about what they do when they come to mine. When they step into the ring, they are part of the community, and even if they stay for only awhile, they have my attention.”

Read the full piece at the Vancouver Courier.

Zoe Li lives at Woodward’s and blogs about all the happenings taking place within a one-mile radius of the building at Woodwardsmile.

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