Hope in Shadows

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Hope in Shadows, a project that gives residents of the Downtown Eastside the chance to represent their community from their own perspective.

A project of the Pivot Legal Society, the three-day photography contest sees 200 disposable cameras distributed to residents of the Downtown Eastside. The winning photographs are published in a calendar that is sold by street vendors around the city for $20. Homeless and low-income vendors receive one calendar free, purchase the rest for $10 and keep the difference.

You can hear participating photographers—including Amy Wilson, whose Never-Ending Friendship graces the cover of the calendar—talk about their experience with the project at an upcoming Community Arts Dialogue. Carolyn Wong, Project Coordinator for Hope in Shadows, will also be there to discuss how Hope in Shadows uses photography, storytelling, and one-on-one interactions to shift perceptions of the Downtown Eastside.

The Community Arts Dialogue (hosted by the Community Arts Council of Vancouver) takes place on Saturday, October 27 from 1–4 pm at the UBC Learning Exchange, second floor, 612 Main Street.

[Top Image: Never-Ending Friendship by Amy Wilson]

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