Images Emphasize Time Over Space

The photography featured in “A Very Unusual Camera That Emphasizes Time Over Space” over at Slate looks like it’s been subject to some heavy photoshopping. In fact, Jay Mark Johnson’s work isn’t the result of any staging or digital manipulation at all. The artist uses a rotating slit-scan camera—usually used for high-resolution panoramas—that emphasizes time over space.

As Judith B. Herman writes: “Whatever remains still is smeared into stripes, while the motion of crashing waves, cars and a Tai Chi master’s hands are registered moment by moment, as they pass his camera by. Like an EKG showing successive heartbeats, the width of an object corresponds not to distance or size, but the rate of movement.”

In essence, Johnson’s images function as photographic timelines. The material in the left-hand side of the image comes from a time before that on the right-hand side. On his website, Johnson describes his spacetime art as “focused on concepts of space and time and their relationship to larger cultural narratives. As part of that undertaking, I have developed a curiosity centered on how we perceive, represent, and discuss our surroundings.”

Check out “A Very Unusual Camera That Emphasizes Time Over Space” for more information and to see more images.

[Top Image: Claudio, Stella e Farfalla, Cetona, Italy]

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