In the Doghaus

Architecture, at its best, is about discovery and innovation and sometimes the most creative ideas emerge when an architectural framework is applied to unexpected spheres of design. Earlier this year, Design director of Muji, Kenya Hara, unveiled one such project: Architecture for Dogs. Hara commissioned 12 designers and architects such as Konstantin Grcic and Shigeru Ban to build structures for our canine companions.

Each designer’s creative parameter was the specific breed of dog they were assigned to build for. The ideas that emerged were playful and inventive imaginings of spaces suited specifically for their assigned breed of dog. Hara’s own design was for a Toy Poodle, and the elevated space he created for it was inspired by his thought that, “in a human home, dogs are always forced to look up. It makes their necks really tired.”

Building upon other architectural open source initiatives, each of the designer’s blueprints are available for free download online with how-to-build videos, that allows dog owners to replicate and customize the structures for their dogs at home.

Though not a dog owner himself, Hara believes that in general architecture is applicable to everyday life and can better how we interact with our environments. What aspects of your daily life need re-imaging through architectural thinking?

[Top Image: Kengo Kuma]

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