Intergenerational Injustice

Can a Climate Super-Jury Protect Future Generations?

It’s a new year, so let’s start with a new idea: a democratic body to safeguard the basic needs and fundamental interests of future people.

That is the proposal of Rupert Read, a philosopher at the University of East Anglia, in a report called Guardians of the Future for the think tank Green House. The core idea is both radical and straightforward: a council of “Guardians of Future Generations”, chosen like a jury from the general public, would sit above the existing law-making bodies and have two core powers. A power to veto legislation that threatened the basic needs and interests of future people and the power to force a review, following suitable public petition, of any existing legislation that threatens the interests of future people.

Continue reading “Future Generations Risk ‘Enslavement’ Without a Vote Now” by Damian Carrington at the Guardian.

[Top Image: Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada by Joel Shane]

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