Light up the holidays with culinary inspiration


Ah, the holidays! Parties, friends, family and… brussels sprouts? While they aren’t everyone’s favourite part of a holiday meal, London’s Southbank Centre is looking at those little green morsels in a whole new light. A Christmas tree on display at the centre features strands of LED lights powered by over 1,000 brussels sprouts! The veggie powered battery was first unveiled at The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair.

Sprouts or no sprouts, what holiday gathering is complete without a solidly constructed, architecturally designed gingerbread house? Not ours, but perhaps not quite as elaborate as this culinary artist’s gingerbread creations. Food stylist Caitlin Levin paired up with photographer Henry Hargreaves to recreate famous architecture as edible art. The sweet series includes replicas of the Guggenheim, the Louvre and other museums from around the world. Great inspiration for your next holiday party!

Here’s to a safe, happy  and delicious holiday season for all!

December 21, 2013 | No Comments (yet!)

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