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Launched in early 2012, The Housing Justice Project is an ongoing community research action plan with the objective of amending Canadian legislation in favour of affordable housing solutions in the City of Vancouver. To achieve this goal, principal investigators, UBC Professors Dr. Penny Gurstein and Margot Young, along with various community partners, have launched a multi-year, three-staged research project. The project is currently in the first stage which includes in-depth public engagement and education on issues that impact housing availability, affordability and homelessness in Vancouver. Project findings will form part of the academic research required to propose amendments to Canadian law – which is stage two of the project – with the goal of making housing policy more inclusive and beneficial for citizens of modest to very low income levels. The final stage of the project involves building public support and campaigning to implement the proposed changes.

Representatives from Henriquez Partners Architects are participating in a dialogue series organized by the Housing Justice Project over the coming months. This series is an element of the research that will contribute to the project’s overall findings. We believe that a creative, collaborative and inclusive approach to development in any city is vital, and hope that our participation in this research process can contribute in a meaningful way to improving access to affordable housing, and reducing homelessness.

The Housing Justice Project has published various reports on their research thus far, and will soon be hosting a second public dialogue to discuss BC’s Residential Tenancy Act. This event, Housing Justice Dialogue #2: The Residential Tenancy Act: Time for an Over Haul?, will be held on May 5th at the SFU Woodward’s campus, and interested parties may RSVP to participate. Additionally, as part of their public outreach, the Housing Project is using PlaceSpeak, an online platform where lower mainland residents can share their ideas by discussing issues and completing a survey. Will you add your voice to this import and discussion?

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