New Dollhouse Wired to Inspire Girls


Alice Brooks, Bettina Chan, and Jennifer Kessler all have fond memories of childhood games. For Alice, it’s working side-by-side with her father in his robotics lab. Bettina built hundreds of Lego structures with her brother. Jennifer played chess and solved math riddles with her father. The three women ended up majoring in engineering, math, and science and they see a connection between the toys they played with in their youth and their chosen careers.

Frustrated by the scarcity of women in their fields—they were far outnumbered by men in school and in their subsequent jobs—they came together to find a way to encourage young girls to foster an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

They built Roominate. It’s a stackable dollhouse with furniture that requires assembly and working circuits that kids build themselves. The project’s Kickstarter campaign—which raised $85,000, far above the $25,000 goal—describes it as a toy to inspire “the next generation of female technology innovators.” With the ability to design and construct, wire, and decorate their own space, the toy aims to “make every young girl an artist, an engineer, and architect, and a visionary.”

You can join a wait list to get Roominate. The toy is currently in production and is anticipated to start shipping in November 2012.

(via GOOD)

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