New Development Houses Subsidized Artist Studios

With its sleek lines, lush bamboo gardens and luxurious suites, the new building at W. Sixth Avenue and Fir Street is an attractive addition to the emerging community of Burrard Slopes. The structure boasts an innovative design—the curved morphology reorients the views to the Burrard Inlet, a series of landscaped planters frame these views with greenery, and special building materials ensure peak levels of privacy and noise reduction. But the tranquil haven designed by Henriquez Partners Architects in partnership with Westbank is more than just a pretty face and elegant interiors—it’s also designed to enrich the cultural climate of the community.

Henriquez Partners Architects’ work is informed by the credo that meaningful architecture is committed to socially responsible community development. In an effort to encourage a diverse and sustainable community, the building at W. Sixth Avenue and Fir Street is home to two artist studios that will be owned by the City of Vancouver. The studios will be leased below market value to artists who would not otherwise be able to afford them.

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