The Globe and Mail: Oakridge Centre Reimagined

The Oakridge mall, built in the 1950s, now consists of about a million square feet of space that is mostly dedicated to retail, surrounded by parking lots. At 30 acres, it is almost double the size of Vancouver’s Olympic Village. [...]

In Mr. [Gregory] Henriquez’s design, Oakridge has been recreated as a small city that will incorporate 2,800 townhouse and apartment units, a high street, a public commons on the mall roof that includes everything from a wedding pavilion to tai chi spaces, a chunk of office space, a community centre, a library, and street connections to the neighbourhoods around it. [...]

Unlike the mega-projects of the 1990s, the Oakridge proposal has a big focus on reducing car use. Only 1,300 parking spaces will be provided for the 2,800 units. The expectation is that many residents will take transit at the stop underneath the mall, use shared cars, cycle or walk. [...]

The complex will be required to incorporate a range of lower-cost housing options, including rental family and seniors’ housing and affordable home-ownership units. [...]

There are open houses scheduled for the Oakridge project next week.

Read all of “Oakridge Mall Reimagined as a ‘Real City’ All Its Own” by Frances Bula at the Globe and Mail.

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