On Space Time Foam

Argentinean artist Tomás Saraceno’s new installation On Space Time Foam at the HangarBicocca in Milan is part indoor playground and part exercise in exploring the nature of the universe.

The project has visitors walking on layers of thin clear film hanging 65 ft in the air. Suspended in the air between the floor and the ceiling—renamed earth and sky—each person’s movements become part of a large interconnected web.

Saraceno told Domus in an interview: “This project will include a physical demonstration of how individuals form space by relating to each other. Remember this is a lasagne-like structure, with no space between its sheets. When you go in, the weight of your body forms space by stretching and opening the material as you transit. It is difficult to picture a more co-related and co-dependent space than that one! Up there, any of my movements will condition yours and those of everybody else.”

Read “Where is Everybody?” at Domus. Filipa Ramos talks to artist Tomás Saraceno about On Space Time Foam, quantum physics, how humans can exist in harmony with each other, and why architecture is like poetry.

November 12, 2012 | No Comments (yet!)

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