People Supporting People

60 W. Cordova is a Prototype for Affordable Ownership

A groundbreaking project that pioneers affordable ownership in Vancouver—one of the world’s most expensive housing markets—is welcoming its first occupants.

Homeowners started moving into their new units at 60 West Cordova, designed by Henriquez Partners Architects, this week. The project revolutionizes the housing continuum in the city by creating affordable ownership options for people who are effectively shut out of the market. The innovative model includes participatory owner-occupied housing and specialized mortgage options. Priority was given to people who live and/or work in the Downtown Eastside and who have a long-term commitment to the community.

60 West Cordova’s façade speaks to the project’s community-minded model. A public art component features glass panels with silhouettes of people supporting people and, in-turn, supporting the building.

The project was developed by Westbank in collaboration with PHS Community Services Society, Habitat for Humanity, Vancity, and Henriquez Partners Architects.

[Top Image: Colin Goldie]

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