Pop-portunity for culture building

As empty spaces in the urban context become more rare and highly valued, any leftover, awkward, and in-between spaces – Diamonds in the Rough – are being woven back into the larger urban fabric in a meaningful way. In contrast to more permanent repurposing efforts, pop-ups are examples of a more transient urbanism – using immediacy and novelty to temporarily reinterpret open space in the city.

Pop-ups have become commonplace in the retail world. Commercial ventures test the market, build brands or respond to seasonal demand by taking over temporary venues.

While these marketing strategies are innovative, we would love to see these fleeting opportunities move more often from the commercial to the cultural and community building realm. London’s Movement Café or art installations like Survive, a travelling art show that takes over vacant structures to showcase the transformative power of art in cities like Detroit and New Orleans, appropriate the pop-up concept to build culture.

[Top Image: The Movement Café]

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