Plans Revealed for Dramatic Redevelopment of Vancouver’s Oakridge Centre

Plans revealed for dramatic redevelopment of Vancouver’s Oakridge Centre by Peter Meiszner was originally published by Global News on October 30, 2012.

Plans for the future of Oakridge Centre have been made public, and big changes are on the way.

Henriquez Partners Architects has applied to the City of Vancouver to develop a mixed-use condo, office and retail complex surrounding the existing mall.

13 towers of various heights are proposed. The tallest tower proposed is 45 stories, making it the tallest building in Vancouver outside of the downtown core. The redevelopment would add 2,800 new residential units to the site.

The lower portions of the towers will contain office space.

A fourth anchor tenant would be added to the shopping centre, and the existing Bay, Safeway and Zellers stores would be reconstructed. The Zellers store is slated to become a Target.

The site would be developed in phases, allowing the mall and existing office space to remain open.

The development will include “affordable ownership” housing as well as seniors housing. The development still needs to be approved by the City.

To view the full proposal and related documents, click here.

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