Projecting Poetry

When the daylight fades in Houston, TX, a string of multilingual phrases appear on the exterior walls of the library at the University of Houston. The source is artist Jim Sanborn’s A Comma, A. The copper sculpture curves around a built-in projector, which casts light through the letters and radiates snippets of poetry and prose in a number of languages. Viewers are invited to translate and source the texts, which include Spanish, Arabic, and Russian works.

Sanborn told the University of Houston, “I wanted to choose text that would pique the interest of the people who view it. The issues that are discussed within the text have to do with relationships, and I feel many students can relate to that. I also hope students will interact with each other when translating some of the languages they are unfamiliar with.”

Sanborn is notorious for embedding riddles into his work. His Kryptos sculpture outside the CIA headquarters in Virginia contains a code that has gone unsolved for over 20 years.

(via My Modern Met)

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