Release: A Monument to Mandela

Release is a striking monument marking the 50-year anniversary of peace activist Nelson Mandela’s arrest in 1962.

The sculpture by South African artist Marco Cianfanelli comprises 50 steel columns that range from between 6.5 and 9.5 meters tall. From its main focal point, the piece’s columns depict Mandela’s profile while structurally symbolizing his incarceration. From other angles and distances, the image is obscured. According to Cianfanelli, “this represents the momentum gained in the struggle through the symbol of Mandela’s capture. The 50 columns represent the 50 years since his capture, but they also suggest the idea of many making the whole; of solidarity. It points to an irony as the political act of Mandela’s incarceration cemented his status as an icon of struggle, which helped ferment the groundswell of resistance, solidarity and uprising, bringing about political change and democracy.”

(via designboom)

[Top Image: Release by Marco Cianfanelli]

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