Sculpting the History of a City

A city is shape and form, but also politics and history—qualities hard to capture in a map. But with his paper sculptures of cities, artist Matthew Picton delves into not only the physical form of a city, but the historic, political, and even cultural elements that give form and feeling to a city.

In his latest work, Picton creates accurate block-by-block sculptures of sections of cities out of paper. The roughly four-by-six foot sculptures are created with city-specific documents, such as the pages of novels or the headlines of a newspaper.

Continue reading “Sculpting the History of a City” by Nate Berg at the Atlantic Cities.

[Top Image: Rob Jaffe, Portland created from the covers and text of the novel The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula LaGuin and the DVD covers of the films Dante’s Peak and Volcano. ]

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