Shelter, a photo series and book by Dutch photographer Henk Wildschut, offers a glimpse at life in the most uncertain conditions. These are images of makeshift camps set up by undocumented migrants journeying through Europe looking for somewhere to settle. But beyond the large, complicated context of immigration laws and political and social crisis, these pictures capture something primordial about the basic human longing for home, orientation, and community.

As Aaron Rothman writes in Design Observer: “The shelters shown here represent architecture at its most fundamental—provisional structures that keep out the elements and provide some small degree of the comfort of having a place, of home. From the outside, they are a messy conglomeration of whatever materials were at hand and would stand upright. The insides, however, are tidy and carefully arranged, jackets hung and blankets folded. The evident need to create a sense of home even in such precarious conditions gives viewers in more comfortable circumstances an opening to feel a sense of shared humanity.”

Read more and see the photo series at Design Observer.

[Top Image: Henk Wildschut]

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