TED 2012

City 2.0: The Crucible of the Future

The TED Prize 2012 was awarded to an idea instead of an individual for the first time in the prize’s history. Calling the City 2.0 an “idea upon which our planet’s future depends,” TED granted it the $100,000 purse and the one wish to change the world.

The blueprint for phase one of the prize has just been unveiled with TheCity2.org, a crowdsourcing site that will “excite, connect and empower individuals and communities around the world through editorial content (video and text), a shareable project database, tools for local connection, and resources for executing ideas. The result will be an ever-expanding network of citizen-led experiments, with the ability to scale successes and learn lessons from failures.” The prize money will be divided into ten micro grants of $10,000 and awarded to local initiatives this July.

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