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Plastic Bottles Repurposed as Bricks for Guatemalan Schools

A nonprofit in Guatemala is building new schools, raising environmental consciousness in villages, and cleaning up local streets—all in one innovative project. Hug it Forward is turning the multitude of plastic bottles littering the Guatemalan countryside into raw construction materials for schools.

Plastic bottles are filled with trash, stacked between chicken wire, and coated in layers of concrete. These “eco bricks” make up the school’s insulation, and structurally sound wood posts are used for the framing. Bottle Schools can be built for $10,000–$15,000.

The project’s educational reach extends outside of the new classrooms. Local children are helping gather the bottles that will become the walls of their school, and subsequently learning about the environment. The children also gain a sense of ownership over the school that they helped build. Hug it Forward has already built twelve schools and four more schools are in progress.

Read “Guatemalan Schools Built from Bottles, not Bricks by Zak Stone at GOOD.

For more information, visit Hug it Forward.

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