Building Outfitted to Encourage Recycling

About 10,000 discarded garments adorn a warehouse in East London, UK to represent the amount of clothing that goes into a landfill every five minutes. The installation is part of retailer Marks & Spencer‘s new “Shwopping”—that’s the union of shopping and swapping—campaign, which aims to reduce waste by encouraging people to donate used clothing every time they buy something new.

Over 1,200 “Shwop Boxes” where people can drop-off their unwanted clothes have been placed in M&S stores all over the UK. Oxfam—an organization dedicated to ending poverty—will reuse or resell them. The goal is that 350 million items will be donated per year, and be put to much better use than sitting in a landfill for all eternity.

[Top Image: Flick user Su-May]

May 19, 2012 | No Comments (yet!)

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