What Would Make Vancouver a Better Place to Live?

Attainable Housing Could Save the City’s Creative Class

Lately I find myself overwhelmed by stories of young(ish) professionals who are leaving the city—often in their thirties, driven by the desire to purchase a home that is affordable for them and their families. They are grantmakers, green building specialists, filmmakers, and socially progressive bankers. All smart, caring folks, emerging in their respective fields. All are assets to Vancouver.

Mostly they love the city but can’t afford to live here, even working at good jobs and earning good incomes. Sadly, the lowest rung on the home ownership ladder is too big a step. Or with children, the lowest rung (typically the one bedroom apartment) is not workable. I wonder, is this cohort the “lost generation”—talented, skilled, thoughtful people that are bidding adieu to the city, and taking with them their energy, skills, and unique potential contributions.

Continue reading “What Would Make Vancouver a Better Place to Live?” by Heather Tremain at the Vancouver Observer.

[Top Image: Onur Kuric]

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