Swing Music


In the busy square of Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles, multidisciplinary design studio Daily Tous Les Jours have created an inspiring public art installation that encourages cooperation among friends and strangers in a very novel way. Called 21 Balançoires, the installation is a set of 21 colour coded swings, programmed to play musical notes of xylophones, pianos and other instruments when swung. Its magic emerges when those on the swings realize that by cooperating with each other to swing in unison, they can create complex and harmonious sounds together.

As people of all ages gather to swing, the square becomes a communal place for congregation, connection and fun. Embedded within the project is a deeply important social message that we can achieve more together than alone, and that message is powered by a compelling combination of shared interaction, great design and child-like delight. What ideas do you have to make your favourite public place more interactive and more delightful?

Watch the video

[Top Image: Photo: Olivier Blouin]

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