Tech Couture: Fashion’s New Frontier

The catwalks of Paris Fashion Week are undoubtedly the places to spot the latest in haute couture, and now it seems they are also the front line for emerging digital technologies.

The 11 garments in Dutch designer Iris van Herpen’s Spring 2013 collection, Voltage, push the boundaries of both fashion and technology. Each intricate, sculptural piece was designed and manufactured using futuristic methods. There’s a laser sintered dress that was made with Austrian architect Julia Koerner and a 3D printed skirt and cape created in collaboration with MIT Media Lab’s Neri Oxman.

“The incredible possibilities afforded by these new technologies allowed us to reinterpret the tradition of couture as ‘tech-couture’ where delicate hand-made embroidery and needlework is replaced by code,” Oxman explains.

The collection heralds a new frontier in fashion, one that all designers can look to for innovation and inspiration.

Click Play Video to watch Voltage at Paris Fashion Week.

[Video: YouTube]

January 30, 2013 | No Comments (yet!)

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