TELUS Garden Could be Home to Amazon

TELUS Garden is attracting attention for advanced and visionary concepts in sustainable design, so we’re not surprised that a leading tech company is showing interest. Word is out that Amazon will likely be leasing office space in TELUS Garden, boosting Vancouver’s technology sector with over 100 jobs. Programmers, development engineers and other employment opportunities are being advertised for Amazon’s expanding Vancouver base. According to industry insiders, Amazon will potentially lease up to 150,000 square feet of space in TELUS Garden’s 22-storey office tower, part of a million-square-foot, $750 million project also including a 47-storey residential tower.

A particularly inspiring tech feature of TELUS Garden is a custom heating and cooling system designed to keep the building off the grid to the tune of 80% compared to other office environments. The District Energy strategy will recapture heat produced by TELUS telecom equipment and use it to thermally regulate the rest of the building, contributing to the project’s sustainability targets including becoming the first LEED Platinum office tower in Vancouver. With this and many other unique selling features, it will be interesting to see who else will make the move to TELUS Garden and tell their employees, their markets and the world that sustainability is a high priority.

October 25, 2013 | No Comments (yet!)

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